(DeeMap Solution)

(DeeMap Solution)

Online map system innovation (DeeMap Solution) via smart network can respond to the need of diversified spatial location data, all kinds of transport routes, public utility and etc. by geographical spatial location identification. All data made more significant in one place can mount environment content in existing data and create clearer operation image as well as support analysis in different aspects such as forestry, agriculture, fishery, service business, banking business and industry. Moreover, the system co-operates in public utility renovation planning, city planning, electricity authority, waterworks authority and real estate. Every authority is able to access geographical data to help analyzing and solving their problems. DeeMap is a geo-informatics system used via internet and intranet networks. It has been developed to prop geo-informatics database application using network and show the result using web browser in various forms of Vector data and Raster data. In addition, this technology is able to process data across different systems whether what forms or types of software are according to Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard which is currently influential and wildly well-known. Map network can also be built via website which contains data stored in server along with other commercial maps. Therefore, data can be retrieved for co-analysis leading to redundancy reduction in data storage, data unity, data sharing and effective response to geo-informatics data access.

The results of using system

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System advantages

1. Map Server via internet and intranet network system within organization allows users in the area to access data much faster.
2. Online map is provided through DeeMap network system.
3. Sets of DeeMap server program provided
4. Geo-informatics system map database (GIS) provided
5. Central data management system provided
6. Tools for planning and spatial analysis provided
7. Field data collection tools provided

Examples of working system

DeeMap-API-640x471.png (1)
DeeMap API = DeeMap Api is an online map operating similar to Google Map, Yahoo Map, Bing Map, Here Map which provide map online via internet network. It can be as well operated via browser due to the fact that Protocol API is able to integrate DeeMap with other websites.
DeeMap-Mobile-API-640x471.png (1)
DeeMap Mobile API = This geo-informatics system via online DeeMap network provides the service of data and different incidents search in the area through mobile devices capable of accessing wireless network. The mentioned devices can support Android operating system, IOS operating system and web browser. As for this, spatial data will be stored and recorded in forms of pictures and locations (Latitude/ Longitude) to be returned to main office using network system. In this way, the system allows actual data correction and sends updated current data to main office via real time network system.
DeeMap-Box-Server-640x279.png (1)
DeeMap is a provider of geo-informatics system via DeeMap Box Server which supports Geographic Information System or GIS in forms of web service and application service. In this way, Vector data and Raster data can be applied with both mentioned forms to service data in need of large-sized or large-scaled images management such as satellite images or aerial photograph, etc.

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