Privacy Policy

D.T.C. Enterprise Public Company Limited and its affiliates

          D.T.C. Enterprise Public Company Limited and its affiliates (the “Company”) attach great importance to securing the privacy of customers/business partners, and to complying with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562, which sets measures for effective protection of personal data collected, used, and disclosed by enterprises. This Privacy Policy informs you of your choices and the Company’s actions regarding the information you provide to the Company.


          Your use of Company’s services may involve the collection and use of your information (as defined in the section “Information collected by the Company and how the Company collects it”) on the Company’s services (including the Company’s website and mobile applications). It is imperative that you understand how these matters are conducted and how you can control them, so please read and give due attention to this Privacy Policy.

Company’s Contact Channels

  If you wish to contact the Company regarding this Privacy Policy or any privacy-related matters, please contact the Company’s Privacy Officer by email,, Personal Information Unit, tel. 1176 ext. 613 or via post to 63 Soi Sukhumvit 68, Sukhumvit Road, Khwaeng Bangna, Khet Bangna, Bangkok 10260 (addressed to Legal Department (Personal Information Unit))

Changes to this Privacy Policy

  This Privacy Policy may be amended according to the promulgated Personal Data Protection Act being in force, which, if there is a change or addition to the way your personal information is used or processed that is different from what is stated in this Policy, you shall be contacted through the appropriate channels, for example, the Company may explicitly notify you on the service system page or send you an email about such changes.

         1. Information collected by the Company and how the Company collects it

  In the Services of the Company, the Company collects, retains and uses your information as follows:

    “Information” includes personal information and non-personal information.

    “Personal information” includes information or a combination of information which concerns you and can be used to identify you. Personal information may include the following:

  • Information that you provide to the Company when the Company’s services are enabled, such as name, telephone number, email address, bank account number, etc.
  • Information shared with others who use the services of the Company and the information is sent to the Company, such as information provided in the posts that are set up to communicate with you and others who use the Company’s services.
  • Information collected by the Company from your use of the Company’s services, such as information about certain area locations, information about the use of services and public information

    “Area Location Information” includes information collected by the Company regarding your location (when you have access to location services), including:

  • The location of your device when you use the company’s services, such as data from GPS Wi-Fi compass, accelerometer, or other motion detection on your device.
  • The IP address of the device or Internet service you use to access the Company’s services.
  • Other information you submit to the Company or anyone else that makes it possible to identify your location or where you are, and information shared by you or someone else that can indicate your location, such as location information installed in a photo you submit to the Company.
  • In the event that you have previously submitted information about your location to the Company and wish to have the Company remove it, you can do this through the company’s services.

    “Information about access to the services” includes technical information that is collected automatically by the Company when you use the Company’s services whether through use or through cookies (as described in detail in the Cookie Policy), your location, or other information, including:

  • Technical information, such as your mobile operator, setup information sent to the Company by the Web browser or other programs that you use to access the Company’s services, your IP address, version and registration number of your device.
  • Information about queries and viewing while you use the Company’s services, such as queries used, social media accounts you visit, information and other related content that you access or send requests from you to use the Company’s services.
  • Information about the communications you use in the Company’s services, such as the person you have communicated with and when, including the length of time you communicated with, and metadata, which refers to information relating to the items you have used through the Company’s services, such as the date, time or location of the area in which the images or videos you have been shared have been made or posted.
  • Location of the area of the device provided when you use the Company’s services, such as data from GPS Wi-Fi compass, accelerometer, or other motion detection on your device

    “Non-Personal Information” includes any information relating to you but cannot be used to identify you directly or indirectly, including personal information in the form of summary or anonymized information or a pen name.

    “Shared Information” This includes information about you or related to you that is voluntarily shared on the Company’s services, including posting information which you use on the Company’s services (including your public profile and the items you create). other person’s posting information, which you have reposted as well as information about the location, area and information about access to the services related to such postings. The shared information also includes information about you (including information about your location and information about access to the services), which others who use the Company’s services have shared such information about you.

          2. Use of your data by the Company

  The Company may use your information for the following purposes:

  • Providing you with the company’s services;
  • Providing customer service, security and backups related to the Company’s services;
  • Advertising;
  • Gaining better understanding of how you access and use the Company’s services, and for the purpose of improving the Company’s services, including to carry out your will and preferences, as well as to customize your language and location, providing personal assistance and guidance or other actions relating to your and other customers’ use of the Services;
  • Developing new services and improving existing ones;
  • Improving ads and marketing activities, as well as promotional activities that are available or related to the Company’s services to be more efficient;
  • Monitoring or software update management purposes;
  • Facilitating your participation in surveys and other activities related to the Company’s products and services;
  • Using information and documentation for any operations with banks, financial institutions, Department of Business Development, Revenue Department, Excise Department, The Stock Exchange of Thailand, The Securities and Exchange Commission and other related external entities.

  Note that the Company uses your information for improving service users’ experience and Company’s services. Your personal data (where you consent) is collected through the Company’s services.

          3.Your Rights

  You may have the rights under Thai law or other laws to access your personal data and request to amend, delete or restrict your use of your data. You have the rights to object to the use, request for transfer, or to withdraw your consent to use your personal data. Please refer to the additional information for exercising your rights below.

  The Company shall respect your rights under the Personal Data Protection Act. You have the rights listed below under Thai law and may have the same rights under other laws.

  • The right to access the information, that is, you have the right to write a petition requesting that the personal data be stored and obtain a copy of the stored personal data.
  • The right to request correction, that is, you have the right to request the removal of inaccurate personal data and to take corrective action.
  • The right to delete data (the right to be forgotten) is the right to delete your personal data from the services.
  • Limited licensing right, that is, the right to request the limited use of your personal data for specified purposes.
  • Right to cancel promotional marketing.
  • The right to object, that is, you have the right to object to the use of your personal data in the event that your personal data is used in the public interest, or if the Company provides you with the use of your Personal Data in the form of the legal rights of the Company or a third party.
  • The right to request a transfer is the right to request the transfer of your personal data stored by the Company to another service provider or other services.
  • The right to withdraw consent is the right for you to withdraw consent at any time you have previously given to the Company to handle your personal data. If you revoke the consent given to the Company, it will not affect any prior activities performed by the Company’s use and processing of your personal data per legal rights.

  The above-mentioned rights are not absolute and cannot be deployed in all cases.

  In response to a request, the Company may request that you verify your identity if necessary and provide you with as much information as necessary to better understand your request. If the Company is unable to comply with your request in whole or in part, the Company will notify you of such reasons.

  To exercise your rights, please contact the personal data officer at the contact channels listed above.

         4. Cookies and similar technologies

  Please check the Company’s cookie policy for more information, in relation the Company’s use of cookies.

         5. Advertising and Marketing

  The Company may use your information to deliver advertisements relevant to you through channels such as email, telephone, text messages or online media.

          6. Sharing your Personal Data with Others

  Unless you have given your consent in this Privacy Policy or as you have consented to in other cases, the Company will not transfer your Personal Data to third parties for any purpose. The Company may share your information with other companies within the Group, including joint venture partners and external service providers, contractors and agents (e.g., information communication service providers who send e-mails or notifications on behalf of the Company, a data analytics service provider that assists in business and advertising about the Company’s services). In addition, the Company may allow others to collect your Personal Data from using the Company’s services, in which case the Company will allow your data to be used and/or collected for the following purposes:

  (1) Provide services to you.

  (2) Assist the Company with the implementation of the objectives specified in ”Use of your data by the Company” section

  (3) or acting in accordance with the obligations and enforcement of the Company’s Rights under the Terms of Service or this Privacy Policy, and/or

  (4) For the Company’s business, which includes the use of information so that the Company can understand and improve its services.

  In the event that the Company allows others to collect and use your Personal Data in accordance with the conditions specified in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall take reasonable steps to ensure that those other parties use your Personal Data for the following purposes only:

  (1) In accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  (2) Be governed by other directives that the Company has imposed and informed the above persons, as well as to implement appropriate measures taken by the Company to keep your data confidential and secure.

  You consent to other persons as specified to use your Personal Data, including the sharing or transfer of your Personal Data to others (including those in and outside the jurisdiction applicable to you) as specified in the section “Sharing Your Personal Data with Others.”


  Since the company is constantly developing its business, the Company may be transferred to another person or restructured within the Group of Companies. In such cases, this may result in the transfer of your Personal Data between/within the Group of Companies and/or to third parties who will be service providers of the Company or similar to the Company’s services in accordance with this Privacy Policy or other privacy policy, which the Company will notify you. The person to which your personal data is transferred may have an office located or used outside the jurisdiction applicable to you.


  You agree that the company may need to remain, retain or disclose your personal data

    (1) To comply with relevant rules and laws.

    (2) To comply with court orders, subpoenas or other legal proceedings;

    (3) To process the request of government agencies, law enforcement authorities or other similar entities (whether located in a jurisdiction applicable to you or elsewhere) or

    (4) In the event that the Company believes that it is necessary to comply with applicable rules or laws, you agree that the Company may be required to disclose your Personal Data in order to enforce these Terms of Service or Privacy Policy in the intent of protecting Company’s rights, property or safety or other users of the Company’s services.

          7. Communication from the Company

  Newsletters and other forms of communication: when you use the Company’s services, the company may use your information to send emails, newsletters or notifications to your device. In the event that you no longer wish to receive such communications, you can cancel this by following steps of the cancellation as shown in the email sent to you by the Company, or by shutting down the notification system located on your device (where possible), or contacting the Company’s privacy officer.


  Service Notices

    The Company may occasionally deliver notices relating to the Services when the Company deems it necessary (e.g. temporary suspension of any services for maintenance purposes). You will not be able to make an option to close such service notices which do not contain public relation content.

          8. Sensitive Personal Information Considerations

  In certain jurisdictions, certain personal information, such as information about race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs in philosophy or health information, is defined as “important information” and is governed by the stricter regulations that other data privacy. Please note that the content and information you use in the Company’s services, such as images or information of your social activities, may disclose your important personal information to others.


  Please note that the Company does not use your important personal data for any advertising purposes to you.


  The Company shall ask you to consider whether it is appropriate to communicate important personal information in the Company’s services.

          9. Other persons’ services included in the Company’s services

  The Company’s services may contain information or may connect you to information about social media or other services (including the website) of others. for example

  • In some cases, you may share your content on the Company’s services through the services of other parties, where other parties who provide such services may collect your information and your personal information (including information about access to the services), so as to allow the services of third parties to perform appropriately, and
  • The Company may (whether in advertising or in other parts of the Company’s services) send you a link so that you can access services or websites of other persons.


         The social media services or other services of these third parties may be provided by the relevant third parties or by the Company. The use of the above external services (whether it be social media or any other services), including the personal information you have sent to such third parties, will be governed by the terms of service and the relevant privacy policies of such third parties, and the Terms of Service of the Company or this Privacy Policy will not apply, so please carefully consider the terms of such third party.


  This Privacy Policy applies only to the information collected by the Company and does not apply to the services of third parties or how such third-party service providers’ data is processed, and the Company shall not be liable for the use of your data by third parties.

          10. International Transfer

  This service is regulated, supervised and operated under the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand. If you are outside the Kingdom of Thailand, you are deemed to have used this service at your own risk. D.T.C. Enterprise Public Company Limited may be required to transfer your data between countries. Specifically, your data will be transferred to and managed in the company’s data hub in the Kingdom of Thailand and you acknowledge that the protection of data and laws of other foreign countries other than your country, such as the Kingdom of Thailand, may have less protection or protection standards than those available in your country, and that you consent to the collection, process and transfer of your data as set out in the Privacy Policy and Kingdom of Thailand laws for the use of this service. In addition, the Company will take appropriate legal steps to ensure that personal data is securely handled, maintained and transferred. In some cases, the Company may be required to disclose or transfer personal data to the head office or third parties in areas other than your country.

         11. Data Security

  The Company has put in place physical infrastructure, electronic systems and management processes designed to prevent unauthorized access to data, to secure data and to use the collected data by the company in a proper manner. These forms of security depend on the importance of the information obtained or stored by the Company.


  In some cases, the Company may use encryption technology (such as SSL systems) to protect certain sensitive data that you send to the Company. Please note that no matter how much effort the Company puts into action, no data security measures that can always guarantee 100% security. The Company’s communication systems and networks connecting you to access the Company’s services may experience a breach of security measures and errors which is beyond the Company’s reasonable control.

          12. Duration of retention and storage of personal information

  Under the applicable laws and regulations (including the conditions set out in the section “Sharing Your Personal Data with Others”” above), the Company will retain your Personal Data for as long as it is necessary to carry out the purposes set out in the section “Use of your data by the Company” as mentioned above.


  The Company will collect your information in accordance with the retention period and the need for the Company’s data. You can find more information in the data retention requirements below for calculating the retention period.


  D.T.C. Enterprise Public Company Limited has a Data Collection and Storage Unit that works with the Personal Data Unit to improve policies and rules relating to the retention of personal data. The company has data retention requirements in accordance with each business plan, consisting of the business model. recording format and storage formats.


The Company calculates the storage period for personal data in accordance with the following rules:

  •  The period necessary for the fulfillment objectives when data is collected.
  •  When you (or any other person who gives you access to the Company’s services) stops using the Company’s services.
  •  A reasonable period of storage that shows that the Company has fulfilled its duties and agreements.
  •  Within a limited time when a claim may occur.
  •  within the retention period complies with the law or is recommended by the controller, rule makers, government officials, or government organizations.
  •  or as necessary in order to provide any service to you.