Body Temperature Measurement System

Transforming Thai Agriculture into Smart Farming Smart Farm Solution brings together geographic and climate data to find a relationship with agricultural produce. for systematic and efficient spatial data management With rapid changes in the country's agricultural structure that has continued all the time Agriculture has been managed more systematically. to achieve production efficiency farmland development new agricultural landscaping environment conservation and competition with foreigners These all make it necessary to recruit new technologies. come into use even more


1. Use 3D-DNR technology to increase image resolution.

2. The camera body is a Dual Lens system, showing both real and thermal images.

3. AI technology analyzes face detection and can measure the temperature

4. Accuracy (Accuracy) +- 0.3 degrees

5. Able to measure more than 1 person’s temperature because the system supports up to 30 pages, making screening done quickly.

Accurate in measuring temperature detect quickly and can detect multiple people at the same time
Able to measure temperature remotely without touching the body It can be screened easily, conveniently and helps reduce manpower in performing duties.
There is an automatic notification system. If the temperature is exceeded with sound from the camera and visual alerts It will be a red frame shown on the screen.
It can be installed in areas requiring surveillance such as airports, railway stations, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls or special surveillance locations. and other areas
The system can automatically record the motion picture of a person whose temperature is too high. Allows tracking of persons passing through

Thermal Camera

Blackbody with stand

NVR (PoE) & Hard disk 4 TB

TV พร้อมขาตั้ง Samsung Smart TV 55″ (รุ่น UA55RU7100KXXT) หรือเทียบเท่า

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