Smart City Solution – The administrative agency resources management system

Smart City Solution is a system or tool used for data storage management via network system located within organization which allows all staffs in organization to be able to access. Data, therefore, can be easily and safely retrieved. The system can as well show data result and report spatial data which is to be used by staffs and administrators in fast decision and policy making.

Smart City Solution

Smart City solution’s working principles consist of;

Map Server–used for data collection from different administrative agencies in forms of map and all sorts of statistical data on the map to create the rapid access for every sector and division in department.
Application on Mobile–tools to collect field data. It is suitable for officers who are in charge of field work. The tools can be applied with data uploaded from Map Server for field data collection which data is gathered at the center.
Tools for planning and analyzing spatial data, practiced by connecting map and other statistical data to sum up statistical area data and make a report. This process will eventually lead to work planning.

What else can Smart City Solution do?

Arrange data of each working division to set in central processing system form via organization’s computer network
Plan and analyze spatial statistics
Decrease data redundancy and loss between working divisions
Create working plan for area maintenance in each period
Acknowledge every activity happening currently or in the past
Sum up working area access in each zone

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