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DTC strengthens troops along with Nakhon Rangsit Mobile Municipality As the developer of the Rangsit City App application project

Last June 16, 2024, D.T.C. Enterprise Public Company Limited, the number 1 leader in GPS and IoT Solution, strengthened the “Mobile Municipal Service Project (2nd time)” of Rangsit City Municipality, led by Police Captain Dr. Treelut Thupkrajang, Mayor of Rangsit City. presided over the opening ceremony at Chaloem Phrakiat Health Park 1, Rattanakosin Village 200

Within the event there were a variety of activities. In providing various services to the public, such as forums, vaccination services Oral health check service including presentation and recommends how to use the Rangsit City App application, which DTC has developed as a project developer. To serve as a medium for reporting incidents, making complaints, and providing various services. For the people And this application also helps increase the efficiency of city management. Under the concept of developing livable and modern cities by using applications to play a role in daily life. According to the definition that “Change the city with our hands”