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DTC showcases the potential of Rangsit City App developers in a platform development workshop for network partners. Along with training on using the application to monitor and report incidents to officials in various agencies.

DTC attended the network partner workshop on developing the Rangsit City App platform, an emergency assistance system. Along with training in using the application to monitor and report incidents.

On June 5, 2024, D.T.C. Enterprise Public Company Limited, the number 1 leader in GPS and IoT Solutions, attended a workshop for network partners on the development of the Rangsit City App platform, a help system. Emergency Along with training on using applications to monitor and report incidents, with Police Captain Dr. Trelup toopgrajank, Mayor of Nakhon Rangsit. presided over the opening ceremony of this meeting and there were a group of attendees including: A group from the Royal Police Cadet Academy, officers from Pratunam Chulalongkorn Police Station, and Ms. Bunyarit Phuraya, Head of Strategy and Planning Department. Strategy and Budget Division Officer City development promotion work

DTC is the project developer. Rangsit City Municipality towards a Smart City Using the application for smart cities (Rangsit City App) as a communication channel for citizens. To be able to disseminate public relations news thoroughly and is a medium for reporting incidents, complaints, and providing various services. It brings technology and innovation. Come and support your life. Promote good health It is a society of opportunity. Increase the efficiency of city services and management Under the concept of developing livable and modern cities by using applications to play a role in daily life. According to the definition that “Change the city with our hands”

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