Benefit of GPS device

A GPS device records and transmits car usage data, operated by Global Positioning System. It has been applied in fleet management since it helps increasing effectiveness in transportation by; 1. Reducing fuel cost from vehicle misuse such as off-route driving, unnecessary or too long stopping, parking in no-parking area, or car using aside from mission […]

GPS in medical supplies transportation

Information technology plays an important role in transportation than before as seen in GPS tracking. With this technology, entrepreneurs are able to real-time track the locations of transportation vehicles as well as their employees’ driving behaviors via application or web application to maximize the transport management efficiency. In order to transport medical supplies to different […]

Key to transportation success

The aggressive competition between entrepreneurs makes them strive to be the best in their business field. One thing that undoubtedly helps those organizations is bringing logistics to enhance service value for their customers. Therefore, logistic management is the key to the success of business. A successful organization needs to have an expert logistic manager who […]

GPS tracking and Thai public transportation

Zero accident in public transportation can come to reality as in the beginning of 2016, Department of Land Transport has enforced all new-registered public transportation, trailers and lorries with 10 wheels or more to install GPS. All data is linked to Department of Land Transport’s Transport Management Center to accommodate tracking and observe driving behavior. […]