Transport Management Solution (TMS)

Transport Management Solution (TMS)

If you are now upping against transport truck control problem, TMS technology is what you are looking for. Its transport system management, controlled directly by the center, can provide you the real-time transport details and transport truck locations and can sort out your product transports to increase profit.

The results of using system

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System advantages

1. To decrease errors from manpower work as automatic system collaborated with central data system (SAP) and GPS for every trademark/every transportation
2. To follow up corruption problem in products shipment
3. Safety and traffic laws
4. To increase customers’ satisfaction and trustiness in shipment due to punctual shipment and real time tracking.
5. To be able to look at overall image of nationwide distribution in one spot (TRANSPORTATION CENTER ROOM).
6. To be used as data to evaluate contractors’ capability.

Examples of working system

System indicating truck’s location and details
Storehouse management system
Shipment planning system
Automatic shipment route creation
Automatic shipment route creation
Drivers’ behaviors record

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