Mobile DVR

Your specialist assistant…as if sitting in the car

In nowadays, Technology can solve problems about using vehicles in wrong way such as drive vehicles for personal issue, out of route and peculation. By setting Mobile DVR, It will help to solve these problems. Mobile DVR can install in and out of vehicle. You can monitor in real time, know location and speed. Controller can monitor image and location via PC, tablet and mobile to check driver behavior, prevent fraud behavior and inspect of all types of vehicles

Benefit of Mobile DVR Online

Know current location of vehicles,can be track more closely

 Monitor with image and audio likewe are sitting in car

 Communicate with driverwithout phone

Use as evidence when determining events that require witness

 Provide immediate action and assistanceas safely able to do so

Prevent fraud behavior such as steal fuel, spare parts or steal stuffs in container


Mobile DVR


IVMS  PRO (In Vehicle Monitoring System)


Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)


Smart Eye Plus

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