LED Full Color Display convenient, easy-using, can manage images anytime and anywhere

The display system that is above the standard by the technology of controlling and managing image in real time. The display has the highest resolution, so the image is clear and bright and looks real in every angle. There are both indoor and outdoor which meets every need. The image on the display can be verified immediately. It is easy to use and can manage images anywhere, anytime from every device such as PC, Table or Smartphone. You can be sure with the quality with the expert team on LED and the team is ready provide advice in designing and placing the display and answer questions from various aspects. The installation meets the standard, safety and work guaranty and installation.

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Create good image and good relationship between agencies and people and business organization with customers
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Create memory, increase awareness by publication
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Create credibility and increase prestige to agencies and business organization
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Can display in many formats including letter, still images and moving images
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Convenience in managing by controlling software and displaying on LED conveniently and easily
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Can update the data for display immediately and on-off time can be set in advance
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Reduce the number of consumables, reduce cost and time and reduce manpower in management
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Worth the price. Can be used in the long term by just one installation
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ncrease the publication channel extensively and widely

Different on the technology of controlling and managing images

  • The program can be used via WEB on PC/TABLET/SMARTPHONE
  • Can control the monitor conveniently, easy using, can be managed anywhere and anytime
  • Can see the display in REAL TIME
  • Installation does not require LAN. There is only wiring.

Different on price and product quality

  • Suitable price with better quality, worth the investment
  • The display has premium grade for worthy, long and permanent use
  • Guaranty the use for 2 years along with after-sale service
  • The company is stable with long experience with no work desert.

LED display format


1. High definition suitable for close-up view

2. Suitable for installing inside buildings such as control room, concert, conference room, party room, department store etc

3. The display is not water-proof and can resist heat less than Outdoor type

4. SMD or semi-SMD LED are used


1. Brighter than indoor type around 5 times

2. The resolution is less than Indoor type. Suitable for far view such as billboard of highways, boards on high-rise building, boards in front of company

3. Suitable for installing outside building, heat-resistant and water-proof display in at least IP 65 level

4. DIP or SMD LED are used

System operation process

The camera shows the operation of the LED display system in Real-time
Controlling display. The display time can be set from computer or mobile devices
GPS show the position of the LED and act as an interface in connecting Wifi

Installation structure format

Format 1

Structure suitable for expanded building on the roof or not very high structure on the ground

Format 2

Structure suitable for fixing to the side of building both indoor and outdoor

Format 3

Structure suitable for outdoor (single pole)

Format 4

Structure suitable for outdoor (twin pole)

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