GPS Tracking Model SW EASY

GPS Tracking Model SW EASY

SW Easy GPS Tracking is the best value, best quality as it tracks and record not only vehicle usage, but also precise and real-time driving behavior. Material used is particularly designed for durability. Magnetic stripe card reader supports as assigned by Department of Land Transport. With data processing on web application, it is easy to use on PDA phones, tablets, and smartphones.

คุณสมบัติของระบบ GPS Tracking

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Real-time car usage display: car location, status, driving speed, distance, and route—available throughout Thailand
Device options support such as magnetic stripe card reader, assigned by Department of Land Transport
Extremely stable and accurate
Up to 45 days recorded data playback support on
Made of durable high quality polycarbonate plastics—light, flexible with heat, shock and friction resistance
Data processing on web Easy to use on PDA phones, tablets, and smart phones.
Real-time fuel oil in tank measurement gauge displayed in graph
Suitable for all types of vehicles: trucks, lorries, buses, vans, and rental cars


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