E-Lock Container tracking and locking system

E-Lock Container tracking and locking system

E-lock / E-Seals It is a container tracking device and container lock. Able to command online equipment to be turned on and off from a centralized location. Able to track devices in Real-Time and if the device is tampered with The device will immediately send a notification back to the administrator. To prevent the loss of high value assets. Suitable for use with trailers, trucks, containers. Container parking lot, etc.

คุณสมบัติของระบบ GPS Tracking

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Location can be tracked in Real-Time.
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Can protect from dust and rain.
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Large battery supports continuous use.
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There is a warning signal when the container is opened.
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high memory Can store a lot of data
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Real-time monitoring
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Can check historical data.
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Can be unlocked remotely


  • Can be used through the E-lock program.
  • Login via Web Monitor
  • Supports smartphone mobile applications

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