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Benefit of GPS device

A GPS device records and transmits car usage data, operated by Global Positioning System. It has been applied in fleet management since it helps increasing effectiveness in transportation by ;

1. Reducing fuel cost from vehicle misuse such as off-route driving, unnecessary or too long stopping, parking in no-parking area, or car using aside from mission assigned. It can also reduce fuel cost from exceeding speed limit.

2. Reducing maintenance cost and accident by limiting driving speed as speed excess not only risks an accident, but also deteriorates the engine efficiency.

3. Increasing asset safety by tracking vehicle’s location in case of robbery.  Co-operating with Police Department, we have tracked and traced back many stolen vehicles.

4. Increasing car usage management efficiency by checking travelling routes with starting time, break time, and off-work time.

5. Increasing customer service quality and business competition with destination check-in time and stopping time with each customer (Users can locate customers’ location in their map)

6. Reducing corruption by checking on device options such as door opening/closing, door PTO opening/closing, and fuel tank float level, etc.